"From the four corners of the continent, we have flown them to New York City. People just like you, who called our phone number dreaming of instant riches. Will one of them seize this day, and have the courage and wisdom to change the course of their lives in one short evening? Starting tonight, and every night for the next two weeks, join us from New York City as we play - "

Wanna win a lot of cash?

Lines open from 6 PM to 2 AM Eastern time (3 PM to 11 PM Pacific). Preliminary round consists of three questions with four choices to put in order. Only one call allowed per person per day. Phone lines currently closed.

Sorry, guys - No more updates

It is with much reluctance that I announce my closing of this portion of my site. Well, technically, I'm not closing it - it'll still be up for posterity - but I've decided that I no longer have the time to update it any further. As it is, I was already a more than a year behind on the summaries, and about that far behind in the Quickies, plus I always looked in dread at all of the May games that would have had to be captured. When I began this page, I working 23 hours a week. Then I started driving to Northridge and back for school. Now, I'm doing both. Also, I was spending large amounts of money on video tapes - tapes which, when I was working on this, would fill up after just a week and a half, even more quickly when I was also taping The Mole.

I still watch and enjoy the show as much as I ever did, but I'm afraid that I will have to euthanize this place. I hadn't touched it in a couple months, anyway, so this hopefully won't come to you as much of a shock. In closing, I wish to thank you all for visiting, and a special thanks to the five contestants who sent me their feedback - David Korotkin, David Honea, Rob Gelbman, Mark Dixon and Matt Marcotte. Thanks for stopping by.

Welcome to my page dedicated to the greatest game show to grace the airwaves in quite a long time: ABC's smash hit "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Since its inception in August of 1999, the show has been a ratings buzzsaw, scoring as high as 30 million viewers in one night. Household names have been made of its contestants, notably its six Millionaires (John Carpenter, Joe Trela and Kim Hunt to name a few) and other big winners (Jason Block, Doug Van Gundy, and Michael Shutterly to name a few more). This page will delve into the games of contestants that have made their mark on the show's history, whether they were million dollar winners or lower-tier llamas. Here you'll find the transcripts of every question these players were given, and their actions that led up to their final answers. There's also blank space after each page, so you can't tell how a player did simply by the length of the page.

To begin your journey, click on a player below. You'll be whisked off to a page to see exactly how s/he did.

So how do I play WWTBAM?

So how do I win on WWTBAM?

So how did some WWTBAM contestants do?

Questions of the Week

Due to space constraints, The Question of the Week archive has been closed.

Mark Megerian
Jeff Siehl
Gary Levine
Tom Pajak
Jennifer Mullins
John Carpenter
Bob Ehrenberg
Jason Francis
John Cuthbertson
Joel Winkelsas
John LaMantia
Andres Rivera
Meredith Mansfield
Stephen Fox
Jane Oviatt
Shawn Borgosz
Jim Baird
Ted Patchell
Mike Feinberg
Darrin Despain
Toby Moore
John Capolongo
David Patrick
Lauren Kelner
John Christensen
Clark Hantzmon
Adam Fine
Dan Dagey
Tim Reilly
Matt Marcotte
Rob Berman
Neil Larrimore
Joel McElvain
Beth Plummer
Rick Grimes
Brent Austin
Al Metz
John Nelson
Chad Harp
November Stats
David Korotkin
Doug Van Gundy
Carl Park
Michael Rosenthal
Hillary Daw
John McClain
Ginny Horvath
Jeff Gardner
Norman Payne
Doug Szafran
Michael Shutterly
Doug Foster
David Honea
Robby Roseman
Mark Dixon
Paul Locharernkul
Rob Gelbman
Tom Colletta
Bill MacDonald
David Honea - Part 2

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? is a production of Celador Television and Valleycrest Pictures Ltd. Please don't sue me.

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