Clark Hantzmon

Regis is starting to get scared - Clark is the third tax attorney that's been on the show! Clark won by way of this question:

QQ9. Put these U.S. mountain ranges in order from the westernmost to the easternmost.
A. Rocky Mountains B. Allegheny Mountains
C. Catskill Mountains D. Sierra Nevadas
Correct Order (drag the mouse over the letters): D-A-B--C
Clark's winning time: 5.33
Competitors: 5/10

Let's see if Clark can win the million!

For $100:
1. If you add 'half-and-half' to your coffee, what mixture are you putting in your cup?

A. Sugar and cinnamonB. Flour and water
C. Cream and milkD. Salt and pepper

Clark chooses C...

For his final answer.

And he's right! $100.

For $200:
2. On a car with automatic transmission, what does the letter 'N' on the gearshift lever stand for?

A. NormalB. Neutral
C. NegativeD. No
And confirms that's his final answer.

Right again! $200.

For $300:
3. What icon appears on the front of Superman's costume?

A. HandcuffsB. Bullet
C. Letter 'S'D. Locomotive

Clark decides on C...

Yes, that's his final answer.

A super answer, too, 'cause it's worth $300!

LOOGAROO LAMENTS: Is it just me, or does Superman get an awful lot of exposure on this show? Let's not forget this was the same network that once aired "Lois & Clark"...

For $500:
4. What is the larva of a frog or toad called?

A. TadpoleB. Maypole
C. GrogD. Newt Gingrich

Everyone gets a kick out of the D choice.

But Clark selects A...

Which is his final answer.

Correct! $500.

For a guaranteed $1000:
5. For which of the following crafts would you use a kiln?

A. PotteryB. Weaving
C. KnittingD. Macrame

Clark chooses A...

And that's his final answer.

It's a good one; it guarantees Clark $1000!

For $2000:
6. The character Don Quixote is also known as 'The Man of' what?

A. La JollaB. La Nana
C. La ManchaD. La Sancha

Clark picks C...

That'll be his final answer.

And Clark is right again! $2000!

For $4000:
7. What U.S. president caused a public stir when he declared that he was not going to eat his broccoli?

A. Ronald Reagan B. Jimmy Carter
C. George Bush D. Bill Clinton

Clark quickly decides on C...

Yes, that's his final answer.

And he's got himself $4000!

For $8000:
8. Which female gymnast won a gold medal at the 1984 Olympic Games?

A. Nadia ComeniciB. Mary Lou Retton
C. Kerri StrugD. Kathy Rigby

Clark can't seem to remember the '84 games. So, he'll burn a Lifeline and ask the almost-always-right audience.

A. Nadia Comenici - 14%B. Mary Lou Retton - 80%

C. Kerri Strug - 0%D. Kathy Rigby - 7%

Not enough to threaten a riot, thank goodness, but Clark knows a hint when he sees one.

Clark settles on B...

For his final answer.

And the audience remains true to form! $8000!

For $16,000:
9. In what country is the holy city of Mecca located?

A. IraqB. Iran
C. Saudi ArabiaD. Jordan

Clark immediately picks C...

And that's his final answer.

And he's got $16,000!

For a guaranteed $32,000:
10. Which of the following is not the name of a U.S. space shuttle?

A. DiscoveryB. Endeavour
C. AtlantisD. Voyager

Clark is again struggling. He's got a hunch, so he'll use his 50:50 and see if it helps.


C. AtlantisD. Voyager

Now he's suddenly confident. Clark chooses C...

Which is his final answer.

One of those isn't a shuttle.

It's a sattelite.

And that sattelite goes by the name of...

D. Voyager.
So Clark Hantzmon takes four steps back to the $1000 guarantee.

LOOGAROO LAMENTS: This was a real toughie, probably better suited for the $125K question or higher. The fact that all four are real space objects is the difficult part, because now you have to remember which names the shuttles went by. But a good half of the viewing public was happy to see Clark go, and you'll see why when you find out who the next contestant is.


Let's find us another player...

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