Since it would be completely suicidal to attempt synopses of all the games that were played in a particular month, this section is here to show you how each contestant from each month did, along with some general stats (Number of contestants, total money awarded, etc.) If a contestant left with $0, $1000, or $32,000, the question they missed will also be listed.

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  • August 1999 Quickies

    8/16 SHOW
    David Korotkin$1000 (missed at $4K)
    Hillary DawInterrupted at $8000
    8/17 SHOW
    Hillary Daw$16,000
    Norman PayneInterrupted at $32,000
    8/18 SHOW
    Norman Payne$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    David HoneaInterrupted at $32,000
    8/19 SHOW
    David Honea$32,000 (missed at $64K; later returned as final contestant due to a bad question)
    Rob Gelbman$1000 (missed at $32K)
    Doug Van GundyInterrupted at $1000
    8/20 SHOW
    Doug Van Gundy$250,000 (1st 13 Club member of the show)
    John McClainInterrupted at $300
    8/21 SHOW
    John McClain$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Doug SzafranInterrupted at $200
    8/22 SHOW
    Doug Szafran$64,000
    Robby Roseman$0 (missed at $100; 1st llama of the show - heck, he's the namesake)
    Tom Coletta$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Carl Park$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    8/24 SHOW
    Ginny Horvath$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Michael ShutterlyInterrupted at $1000
    8/25 SHOW
    Michael Shutterly$500,000 (2nd Half-millionaire of the show)
    Mark DixonInterrupted at $200
    8/26 SHOW
    Mark Dixon$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Bill MacDonaldInterrupted at $16,000
    8/27 SHOW
    Bill MacDonald$125,000
    Michael RosenthalInterrupted at $64,000
    8/28 SHOW
    Michael Rosenthal$125,000
    Jeff Gardner$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Doug FosterInterrupted at $200
    8/29 SHOW
    Doug Foster$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Paul Locharernkul$32,000 (missed at $125K)
    David Honea (Return)$125,000
    For statistics on the August 1999 run, click here.
    11/7 SHOW
    Mark Megerian$1000 (missed at $32K)
    John Cuthbertson$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Jim Baird$1000 (missed at $4K)
    John ChristensenInterrupted at $4000
    11/8 SHOW
    John Christensen$16,000
    Joel McElvain$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Jeff Siehl$64,000
    Joel WinkelsasInterrupted at $200
    11/9 SHOW
    Joel Winkelsas$64,000
    Ted PatchellInterrupted at $2000
    11/10 SHOW
    Ted Patchell$32,000 (missed at $125K)
    Clark Hantzmon$1000 (missed at $32K)
    Beth PlummerInterrupted at $200
    11/11 SHOW
    Beth Plummer$64,000
    Gary Levine$250,000 (2nd 13 Club member of the show)
    John LaMantiaInterrupted at $16,000
    11/12 SHOW
    John LaMantia$125,000
    Mike FeinbergInterrupted at $8,000
    11/13 SHOW
    Mike Feinberg$64,000
    Adam Fine$16,000
    Rick Grimes$64,000
    Tom PajakInterrupted at $200
    11/14 SHOW
    Tom Pajak$32,000 (missed at $250K)
    Andres Rivera$125,000
    Darrin DespainInterrupted at $8000
    11/15 SHOW
    Darrin Despain$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Dan Dagey$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Brent Austin$32,000 (missed at $125K)
    Jennifer MullinsInterrupted at $200
    11/16 SHOW
    Jennifer Mullins$64,000
    Meredith MansfieldInterrupted at $4000
    11/17 SHOW
    Meredith Mansfield$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Toby MooreInterrupted at $125,000
    11/18 SHOW
    Toby Moore$250,000 (3rd 13 Club member of the show)
    Tim Reilly$125,000
    Al Metz$125,000
    John CarpenterInterrupted at $200
    11/19 SHOW
    John Carpenter$1,000,000 (1st millionaire of the show)
    Stephen FoxInterrupted after Fastest Finger
    11/20 SHOW
    Stephen Fox$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    John Capolongo$1000 (missed at $8K)
    Matt Marcotte$250,000 (4th 13 Club member of the show)
    John NelsonInterrupted at $200
    11/21 SHOW
    John Nelson$32,000 (missed at $125K)
    Bob Ehrenberg$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Jane OviattInterrupted at $32,000
    11/22 SHOW
    Jane Oviatt$125,000 (Highest female winner to date)
    David Patrick$64,000
    Rob Berman$125,000
    Chad HarpInterrupted at $200
    11/23 SHOW
    Chad Harp$1000 (missed at $32K)
    Jason Francis$64,000
    Shawn Borgosz$1000 (missed at $32K)
    Lauren KelnerInterrupted at $200
    11/24 SHOW
    Lauren Kelner$125,000
    Neil Larrimore$250,000 (5th 13 Club member of the show)
    For statistics on the November 1999 run, click here.
    1/9 SHOW
    Jim Meyer$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Joe Roberts$250,000 (6th 13 Club member of the show)
    David FiteInterrupted at $1000
    1/10 SHOW
    David Fite$500,000 (2nd Half-millionaire of the show)
    Dale Masel$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Jeff WilkieInterrupted at $2000
    1/11 SHOW
    Jeff Wilkie$64,000
    Ken Hesser$64,000
    Jason BlockInterrupted at $16,000
    1/12 SHOW
    Jason Block$125,000
    Eric Molnar$32,000 (missed at $125K)
    Shannon McGehee$1000 (missed at $2K)
    Mark McDermottInterrupted at $64,000
    1/13 SHOW
    Mark McDermott$32,000 (missed at $500K; first ever to miss question #14)
    Kevin Connors$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Dave Fought$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Sean FarrellyInterrupted at $1000
    1/14 SHOW
    Sean Farrelly$32,000 (missed at $125K)
    Mike Huggins$1000 (missed at $4K)
    Tim Shields$1000 (missed at $16K; later returned due to a bad question and won $500,000)
    Lawrence CaplanInterrupted at $2000
    1/15 SHOW
    Lawrence Caplan$32,000 (missed at $500K; 2nd ever to miss question #14)
    Nathan Cone$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Karl SchreiterInterrupted at $200
    1/16 SHOW
    Karl Schreiter$16,000
    Michael Rechtstaffen$1000 (missed at $8K)
    Joel Kasenberg$1000 (missed at $32K)
    Dan BlonskyInterrupted at $2000
    1/18 SHOW
    Dan Blonsky$1,000,000 (2nd millionaire of the show)
    Jason Dettlebach$125,000
    Joel VincentInterrupted at $200
    1/20 SHOW
    Jason Vincent$1000 (missed at $8K)
    Brian Fodera$0 (missed at $100; 2nd llama of the show)
    Marty Anderson$1000 (missed at $8K)
    Ann Hall-Rogalinski$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Nathaniel ZylstraInterrupted at $8000
    1/23 SHOW
    Nathaniel Zylstra$32,000 (missed at $250K)
    Rob Coughlin$500,000 (Third half-millionaire of the show)
    Kurt WarkentheinInterrupted at $8000
    1/25 SHOW
    Kurt Warkenthein$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    James Dickson$1000 (missed at $32K)
    Drew Rosin$64,000
    Jeff GrizerInterrupted at $2000
    1/27 SHOW
    Jeff Grizer$64,000
    Bob Bass$32,000 (missed at $125K)
    Dan Doody$1000 (missed at $4K)
    Patty McGrathInterrupted at $4000
    Charles Anderson$64,000
    Don Rohan$125,000
    Steven Plotnick$16,000
    Total contestants:37 (2 female)
    Total amount won:$3,309,000
    Money lost from Knockouts:$698,000
    Average amount won:$89,432
    2/1 SHOW
    Patti McGrath$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Tim Tyler$1000 (missed at $2K)
    Lori Shiels$64,000
    Mark GlucksternInterrupted at $32,000
    2/2 SHOW
    Mark Gluckstern $125,000
    Rob Moran$32,000 (missed at $64K; 100th Hot Seat contestant)
    Mark Purvis$1000 (missed at $2K)
    Angelo Ziotas$1000 (missed at $4K)
    Edison McIntyreInterrupted at $500
    2/3 SHOW
    Edison McIntyre$125,000
    Jennifer White$1000 (missed at $4K)
    Mark Peterson$125,000
    Greg PollaroInterrupted at $2000
    2/6 SHOW
    Greg Pollaro$1000 (missed at $4K)
    Jack Lechner$125,000 (left with his 50:50)
    Bowen Kerins$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Matt PhillipsInterrupted at $2000
    2/8 SHOW
    Matt Phillips$32,000 (missed at $125K)
    Jim Gilligan$64,000
    Judy TigayInterrupted at $64,000
    2/10 SHOW
    Judy Tigay$32,000 (missed at $250K)
    Phillip Visha$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Drew Fine$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    David Gold$0 (missed at $1K, 3rd llama of the show)
    Steve EllsonInterrupted at $8000
    2/13 SHOW
    Steve Ellson$125,000
    Ryan Reed$1000 (missed at $2K)
    Jerry Halpin$32,000 (missed at $64K; Called Rosie O'Donnell at $32K)
    Marcia Molina$1000 (missed at $4K)
    Steve GiblinInterrupted at $200
    2/15 SHOW
    Steve Giblin$32,000 (missed at $125K)
    Michael Avitzur$250,000 (7th 13 Club Member of the show)
    Stephanie GirardiInterrupted at $200
    2/17 SHOW
    Stephanie Girardi$500,000 (First female half-millionaire, 4th of the show)
    Andrew Lohmann$1000 (missed at $4K)
    Carolyn DushaneInterrupted at $32,000
    2/20 SHOW
    Carolyn Dushane$64,000
    Jonathan Wilks$125,000
    Dan Demars$250,000 (8th 13 Club member of the show)
    Steve FayneInterrupted at $200
    2/22 SHOW
    Steve Fayne$0 (missed at $500; 4th llama of the show)
    Kevin Francis$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Norman Connors$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Carl Williams$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Mark PrysantInterrupted at $200
    2/23 SHOW
    Mark Prysant$125,000
    Andy Lee$1000 (missed at $4K)
    Rob HallworthInterrupted at $64,000
    2/24 SHOW
    Rob Hallworth$64,000
    Rudy Reber$32,000 (missed at $500K; 3rd person to miss #14)
    David Forman$250,000 (9th 13 Club member of the show)
    Shawn McCarthyInterrupted at $200
    2/25 SHOW
    Shawn McCarthy$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Eric Fillman$1000 (missed at $4K)
    Greg Smith$1000 (missed at $8K)
    Tracy MeineckeInterrupted at $4000
    2/27 SHOW
    Tracy Meinecke$16,000
    Tara Fingeret$1000 (missed at $8K)
    Carrie Dummer$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Melanie DorseyInterrupted at $16,000
    2/28 SHOW
    Melanie Dorsey$16,000
    Derek Leif$125,000
    Ian Podraza$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Rich MatthewsInterrupted at $200
    2/29 SHOW
    Rich Matthews$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Rob Long$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Jim SytaInterrupted at $8000
    Total contestants:49 (11 female)
    Total amount won:$3,002,000
    Money lost from Knockouts:$416,800
    Average amount won:$61,265
    3/1 SHOW
    Jim Syta$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Rich Steidle$1000 (missed at $32K)
    Bill Berry$64,000
    Richard KlimkiewiczInterrupted at $64,000
    3/2 SHOW
    Richard Klimkiewicz$32,000 (missed at $500K; 4th person to miss #14)
    Chris Rantz$1000 (missed at $8K)
    John Hilbert$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Jeff MazurakInterrupted at $2000
    3/5 SHOW
    Richard Klimkiewicz$32,000 (missed at $500K; 4th person to miss #14)
    Christopher Porter$1000 (missed at $4K)
    Edward Caruso$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Steve KummerInterrupted at $32,000
    3/7 SHOW
    Steve Kummer$125,000
    Neal Brunt$32,000 (missed at $250K)
    Kyle HunterInterrupted at $8000
    3/9 SHOW
    Kyle Hunter$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Shane Demitt$32,000 (missed at $250K)
    Brian Kalt$32,000 (missed at $125K)
    Kevin SimcoxInterrupted at $1000
    3/12 SHOW
    Kevin Simcox$250,000 (10th 13 Club member)
    Stephanie Bingham$16,000
    Art KrausInterrupted at $1000
    3/14 SHOW
    Art Kraus$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Brian Ferguson$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Al SchaefferInterrupted at $64,000
    3/16 SHOW
    Al Schaeffer$250,000 (11th 13 Club member)
    Ryan Millhouse$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Ryan Biederman$64,000
    Mike BillokInterrupted at $200
    3/19 SHOW
    Mike Billok$125,000
    Mike Hughes$125,000
    Tracey TariskaInterrupted at $4000
    3/21 SHOW
    Tracey Tariska$32,000 (missed at $125K)
    Jeff Fisher$4,000 (1st to stop before Question #10)
    Matt MurrayInterrupted at $64,000
    3/23 SHOW
    Matt Murray$32,000 (missed at $125K)
    Joe Trela$1,000,000 (3rd millionaire of the show)
    Jason StirnamanInterrupted at $500
    Jon Futrell$0 (missed at $200; 5th llama of the show)
    Roy Schmidt$4000 (2nd to stop before Question #10)
    Tom Duffy$16,000
    3/28 SHOW
    Jason Stirnaman$16,000
    Scott Leff$64,000
    Patrick DuhonInterrupted at $16,000
    3/30 SHOW
    Patrick Duhon$1,000 (missed at $32K)
    Pierre Audet$64,000
    Ian ReifowitzInterrupted at $125,000
    Total contestants:34 (2 female)
    Total amount won:$3,002,000
    Money lost from Knockouts:$551,100
    Average amount won:$74,912
    4/2 SHOW
    Ian Reifowitz$250,000 (12th 13 Club member)
    Shawna Rosen$1000 (missed at $4K)
    Jim White$125,000
    Julie GordonInterrupted at $200
    4/4 SHOW
    Julie Gordon$1000 (missed at $8K)
    Brad Herzog$64,000
    David RiceInterrupted at $2000
    4/6 SHOW
    David Rice$250,000 (13th 13 Club member)
    Bob DiGiusto$64,000
    Allen Kong$0 (missed at $300; 6th llama of the show)
    Bob WattsInterrupted at $300
    4/9 SHOW
    Bob Watts$125,000
    Brian Sexton$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Rich CooperInterrupted at $8000
    4/11 SHOW
    Rich Cooper$1000 (missed at $16K)
    Tom Reneau$64,000
    Dave Potts$64,000
    Eileen DuffyInterrupted at $1000
    4/13 SHOW
    Eileen Duffy$125,000
    Dan Jolley$8000 (3rd to stop before Question #10)
    Tom AshtonInterrupted at $32,000
    4/16 SHOW
    Tom Ashton$250,000 (14th 13 Club member)
    Kevin Gross$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Anne Davis$64,000
    Jay FergusonInterrupted at $200
    4/18 SHOW
    Jay Ferguson$32,000 (missed at $250K)
    Scott Taylor$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Mike BabbInterrupted at $200
    4/20 SHOW
    Mike Babb$1000 (missed at $8K)
    Steven Maurice Clark$32,000 (missed at $250K; first African-American in the hot seat)
    Tom Lemp$32,000 (missed at $64K)
    Leigh JaunsenInterrupted at $1000
    4/23 SHOW
    Leigh Jaunsen$125,000
    Chris Barker$250,000 (14th 13 Club member)
    Scott BickerstaffInterrupted at $2000
    4/27 SHOW
    Scott Bickerstaff$64,000
    Mike Menz$500,000 (5th half-millionaire of the show)
    Gus PapadopoulosInterrupted at $200
    4/30 SHOW
    Gus Papadopoulos$1000 (missed at $8K)
    Martin Poteralski$0 (missed at $1K; 7th llama of the show)
    Brian Sigrist$125,000
    Leslie SilvaInterrupted at $1000
    Total contestants:30 (5 female)
    Total amount won:$2,714,000
    Money lost from Knockouts:$206,700
    Average amount won:$97,357

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