Dan Demars

Dan, a biotechnological worker, got into the hot seat by winning this question:

Put these heads of state in order of when they took office, starting with the earliest.
A. Yuri Andropov B. Vladimir Putin
C. Konstantin Chernenko D. Boris Yeltsin
Correct Order (drag the mouse over the letters): A-C-D-B
Dan's winning time: 5.43
Competitors: 1/8

Let's get started!

For $100:
1. An adult Dalmatian dog is best know for what type of markings?

A. SpotsB. Triangles
C. StripesD. Stars

Dan selects A...

And he's spot on for $100!

For $200:
2. According to a well-known phrase, where shouldn't you put all your eggs?

A. In one pocketbookB. In one knapsack
C. In one basketD. In one omelette

Dan says it's C...

Bingo! $200.

For $300:
3. Which of the following is the name of the process the human body uses to cool itself?

A. VindicationB. Condemnation
C. AggravationD. Prespiration

Dan goes with D...

Nailed it! $300.

For $500:
4. What branch of the U.S. military has an elite fighting force called SEALs?

A. ArmyB. Navy
C. Air ForceD. Marines

Dan guesses B...

It's the right one! $500.

For a guaranteed $1000:
5. Which of the following U.S. Presidents operated a peanut business?

A. Jimmy CarterB. Lyndon Johnson
C. Ronald ReaganD. Richard Nixon

Dan chooses A...

Which will seal up the grand!

For $2000:
6. What ingredient gives guacamole its green color?

A. TomatoB. Avocado
C. ZucchiniD. Onion

Dan picks B...

For his final answer.

Got it for $2000!

For $4000:
7. According to the 'Guinness Book of Records,' where can you find the tallest tree currently standing?

A. VermontB. Maine
C. California D. Washington

Believing that it's a Redwood tree that has that distinction, Dan will settle on C...

That'll be his final answer.

It sure is a Redwood! $4000!

For $8000:
8. Who left the TV news program '20/20' in September 1999, after 21 years as the show's co-anchor?

A. Hugh DownsB. Sam Donaldson
C. Diane Sawyer D. Barbara Walters

Dan knows it, and he says A...

Will be his final answer.

He had that one down! $8000!

For $16,000:
9. In the 1972 movie 'Deliverance', how many friends start out on the canoeing trip?

A. 2B. 3
C. 4D. 5

Dan didn't see the movie. Obviously, that isn't going to help.

On that note, he'll burn a lifeline and Ask the Audience.

A. 2 - 0%B. 3 - 18%

C. 4 - 60%D. 5 - 22%

With a nearly 3-1 margin between C and the next best choice, Dan will take the audience's answer, C...

And lock it in.

The audience comes through again! $16,000!

For a guaranteed $32,000:
10. Traditionally a 'fob' is a chain attached to what kind of item?

A. ScarfB. Pocket watch
C. WalletD. Eyeglasses

He has one. It's on a pocket watch.

And that will be his final answer.

And it's just won him $32,000!!!

For $64,000:
11. Who was the second president to be killed by an assassin while in office?

A. Abraham LincolnB. Andrew Johnson
C. John TylerD. James A. Garfield

According to Dan, Lincoln was the first.

And Garfield was second. So, he chooses D...

Yes, that's his final answer.

Who knows how he learned all of this information...

But it just earned him SIXTY-FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

For $125,000, or ONE EIGHTH of a MILLION DOLLARS:
12. Which of these musical pieces takes its title form a line in Shakespeare's play 'Othello'?

A. Night on Bald MountainB. Rite of Spring
C. Pomp and CircumstanceD. Ode to Joy

Dan, decisive as he was on the last two questions, now decides to take a second Lifeline and use the 50:50.

OUTB. Rite of Spring

C. Pomp and CircumstanceOUT

Dan knows who composed Rite of Spring, but not how he got the title.

He's going to leave his phone call on the table and play C...

And that's his final answer.

Pomp and Circumstance is often played at graduation ceremonies.

And its title...

Comes from Othello!

For $250,000, or ONE QUARTER of a MILLION DOLLARS:
13. In Scandinavian mythology, what is the home of warriors who are slain in battle?

A. NirvanaB. Olympus
C. LimboD. Valhalla

Again, Dan's come across this information before, and he says it's D.

And he quickly declares it his final answer.

He's been quick on the trigger for most of these questions.

Usually that means you know it.

And he certainly knew this one!

Dan Demars is doing about as good a John Carpenter impression as one could do. He seems to know every question thrown at him. And all he has to do is get two more, and he'll be Milllionaire #3. This next one will make him Half-Millionaire #5, but missing it will cause him to be 13-Club evictee #3.

For $500,000, or HALF A MILLION DOLLARS:
14. What is the name of the Earth's current geological period?

A. PermianB. Quaternary
C. TertiaryD. Cretacious

Dan isn't missing a beat. He comes to decisions very quickly in that hot seat.

The decision right now is to Phone a Friend. That friend will be Carl. The transcript, post-question:

    Carl: "What were those first two?"
    Dan: "Permian or Quaternary."
    Carl: "It's one of those first two. I think it's the second one, Quartiary."
    Dan: "Quar- Qua- Quaternary."
    Carl: "Quaternary. I don't know for sure, but that's my guess on that one." (Burp burp)

Well, Carl had a guess. Question is, will Dan go with it.

Once again, Dan makes up his mind almost immediately. His choice is to resign.
Dan Demars leaves a quarter-millionaire.

If Dan had had enough bravery to go with Carl's answer...

He would've been a half-millionaire. B. Quaternary was the correct answer.

The order to Dan's Fastest Finger question is the same as the answers to each of his first four questions: A-C-D-B.

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