Joel McElvain

Joel is a tax attorney for the Justice Department, and this is the question that got him here:

QQ5. Put the following bowling terms in order from the least pins knocked down to the most.
A. 4-6-7-10 Split B. 7-10 Split
C. Strike D. Gutter ball
Correct Order (drag the mouse over the letters): D-A-B-C
Joel's winning time: 4.25
Competitors: 6/10

A million dollars means a lot of taxes; will he win it all?

For $100:
1. According to a common saying, what can't a leopard change?

A. Its underpantsB. Its spots
C. Its evil waysD. A five-dollar bill

Joel picks B...

Which is his final answer.

And he's right for $100!

For $200:
2. Which chemical element is found in water?

A. ZincB. Carbon
C. OxygenD. Scotch

Joel chooses C...

Yes, that's his final answer.

Correct! $200.

For $300:
3. What color is Big Bird on the children's series 'Sesame Street'?

A. YellowB. Blue
C. GreenD. Red

Joel picks A...

That'll be his final answer.

It's a good one; he's just won $300!

For $500:
4. When dried, which fruit become raisins?

A. ApplesB. Kumquats
C. GrapesD. Bananas

Joel goes with C...

Which is his final answer.

And he's got $500!

For a guaranteed $1000:
5. What acronym is commonly used to refer to 'flying saucers'?


Mike decides on D...

For his final answer.

It's right! Joel is guaranteed $1000!

For $2000:
6. Which of the following body parts are missing from the sculpture titled 'Venus de Milo'?

A. LegsB. Ears
C. FeetD. Arms

Joel selects D...

And confirms that's his final answer.

Joel is going strong with $2000!

For $4000:
7. Which famous king is mentioned in the title of a 1978 Steve Martin song?

A. King Tat B. King Tut
C. King Kong D. Larry King

Joel gets a kick out of the D answer.

But he picks B...

And that's his final answer.

Joel, you've just wrapped up 4 grand!

For $8000:
8. What building material is sun-dried bricks of clay?

A. ConcreteB. Marble
C. Porcelain D. Adobe

Joel chooses D...

For his final answer.

And he keeps building on his winnings! $8000!

For $16,000:
9. How many amendments are the in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution?

A. 8B. 10
C. 15D. 40

Joel's from Washington, DC, so he should know this. And he says it's B...

Which is his final answer.

He's nailed it! $16,000!

For a guaranteed $32,000:
10. Where is the historic London Bridge currently located?

A. IrelandB. Canterbury
C. ArizonaD. Colorado

Joel actually went to see it a year ago, and he selects C...

As his final answer.

No sense in beating around the bush; he's won $32,000!!

For $64,000:
11. In music, how many whole tones make up an octave?

A. SixB. Twelve
C. EightD. Four

Joel recalls that 'Octo' means eight, so he'll guess C...

As his final answer.

I know my share of music.

And in each octave, you'll find...

A. Six whole tones. Remember, E to F and B to C are only half-steps.
So Joel McElvain stays put at $32,000.

LOOGAROO LAMENTS: Joel looked none too pleased as he walked away. I can understand why: 'Octo' does indeed mean eight, so his logic was correct. However, some musical instruction would've prevented him from getting caught in this trap. He had no basis to lodge a protest, either, as this question was clearly asking for the number of whole tones in an octave, rather than the number of notes in a scale which is what he gave us.


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