Contestant #1

Here was the very first question to find the very first contestant of the show:

QQ1. Put the following valleys in geographical order from east to west.
A. Death Valley B. Ohio Valley
C. Silicon Valley D. Shenandoah Valley

Below is the correct order. Use your mouse to highlight the letters.

D. Shenandoah Valley
B. Ohio Valley
A. Death Valley
C. Silicon Valley

Let's see who got them right, and who did it the fastest:

Bob Bargar 5.90
Michael Skroce WRONG
Jeremy Bernstein 6.26
Rick Rosner WRONG
Hillary Daw 13.25
Pam Wendler-Shaw WRONG
David Fialkoff 7.74
David Korotkin 5.39
Candy Manuel WRONG
H. L. HuffmanWRONG

Our first winner is David Korotkin!

David is a member of Mensa. We'll see how that helps him in his quest for the million. He's also wearing a tie with money on it, because he wants to make sure he leaves with SOME money. : )

For $100:
1. What is the main task of a professional taxidermist?

A. Stuffing animalsB. Driving a cab
C. AccountingD. Treating wounds

David picks A...

and confirms that it's his final answer.

And he's right! $100.

For $200:
2. What takes place under a big top?

A. BalletB. Circus
C. OperaD. Don King
David picks B...

and again confirms that it's his final answer.

And he's right again! $200.

For $300:
3. In July 1997, what was finally returned to China after 99 years?

A. TaiwanB. Hong Kong
C. ManchuriaD. South Dakota

David: "Good thing I'm not from South Dakota!"

David picks B...

and that's his final answer.

Three in a row! $300.

For $500:
4. What was William Cody's popular nickname?

A. Billy the KidB. Buffalo Bill
C. Wild BillD. Stinky

David picks B...

and confirms that it's his final answer.

And he's up to $500!

For a guaranteed $1000:
5. What does the economic abbreviation GNP mean?

A. Gross National ProductB. Gross National Percentage
C. Gross National ProfitD. Gross Naked People

Reege: "Sorry about this! We're just trying to relax you!

David: "It's working."

David picks A...

and yes, that's his final answer.

And he's guaranteed himself $1000!

For $2000:
6. From what retailer was Monica Lewinsky's notorious navy dress purchased?

A. The LimitedB. Old Navy
C. The GapD. Wal-Mart

David isn't sure, so he's going to use his first Lifeline. Thinking that New Yorkers are good shoppers, he's going to Ask the Audience.

A. The Limited - 36%B. Old Navy - 6%

C. The Gap - 56%D. Wal-Mart - 2%

David picks C...

and confirms that it's his final answer.

And he's correct! Thank you audience! $2000.

LOOGAROO LAMENTS: If I were in David's shoes, I too would have asked the audience. I didn't pay much attention to the store Monica bought the dress from; I was too busy demanding that Clinton be thrown out on his ear. : )

For $4000:
7. In 1993, Benazir Bhutto was re-elected as prime minister of what country?

A. PakistanB. India
C. EgyptD. Thailand

David is noticably struggling with the question.

Reege: "The music is driving me crazy."

Reege also reminds David that he can take the money and stop whenever he wants.

But David wants to continue, so he will use the 50/50 Lifeline.

A. PakistanB. India


David picks B...

and confirms that it's his final answer.

But unfortunately, he missed it. It was A. Pakistan.
So, David leaves with $1000.

LOOGAROO LAMENTS: I'd have gotten snagged on this question as well. I knew it was in southern Asia, but didn't know exactly where. If the Philippines had come up as well, I'd have been in real trouble.


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