David Honea's return


David Honea was the show's fourth contestant. After steamrolling the first nine questions, Honea's tenth question was a nightmare. After using all three Lifelines, it didn't leave him any better than before. Reluctantly, he went for it - and got the right answer.

It was on the 11th question, which asked for the Great Lake with the largest area - excluding Lake Superior - that stirred up one of the biggest controversies in television in quite a while.

Honea said it was Lake Huron.

The computer said it was Lake Michigan.

The right answer was Lake Huron.

After Honea made a polite appeal, the producers double-checked their facts and - lo and behold - David was right all along. He received credit for the answer, worth $64,000, and an invitation to finish off the show. Well, he's back now, with just 4 more questions to tackle in order to reach the million dollars. They pick up the game where they left off, at the 12th question...

For $125,000, or ONE EIGHTH of a MILLION DOLLARS:
12. Which was the last horse to win the Triple Crown?

A. AffrimedB. Seattle Slew
C. SecretariatD. Citation

David has no Lifelines, but he seems to know this one. He recalls that Seattle Slew did it in '77, and that Affirmed won it in '78. He chooses A...

Reege: "Terrific memory."
David: "It helps on this show."

David's final answer is A.

It would suck to have him back only to miss the following question.

But he didn't!

After Michael Shutterly's $500,000 romp, nobody else has made it to the $250,000 plateau. David could end the show in a big way if he gets this right.

For $250,000, or ONE QUARTER of a MILLION DOLLARS:
13. Approximately how much saliva does the average human adult produce each day?

A. Half-PintB. Pint
C. GallonD. Quart

David: "Wow.......... You know, I run with some people that spit alot..."
(Audience chuckles)
David: "...but, it's never all in one place...."
(Audience laughs and applauds)

David eliminates Gallon, which seems like too much, and Half-Pint, which doesn't seem like enough. So now it's just down to Pint or Quart...

David begins to ponder his situation. He'll lose $93,000 if he's wrong, but he'll go up to $250,000 if he's right. He would like to go for the million...

But $125,000 is enough to pay off the mortgage on his house...

And that's enough to make him happy.
David Honea, easily the most talked about contestant on the show, stops with $125,000.

Just for fun, Reege asks David what he would've picked had he have gone for it.

David: "Right now, I can't produce any!"
(Audience laughs)

David would've chosen D...

And he would've been right. D. Quart was the correct answer.

LOOGAROO LAMENTS: All I can say is what David said about the last four questions he faced: "Wow." This guy knew how to play. If it wasn't for that damn Creel question, he probably would've at least SEEN the million dollar question, and maybe even win it. If he's out there, and if by chance he stumbles upon this page, I wish him the best of luck. Forget marathons - you oughta get your own talk show!

That concludes the two-week competition. Let's check out the final stats...

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