Contestant #6

Rob Gelbman is going to have plenty of sleepless nights thinking about the Zodiac. But the 9 contestants left on the show are hoping the stars will align for them!

QQ6. Put the following Winter Olympic host cities in order from most recent to earliest.
A. Innsbruck B. Liliehammer
C. Nagano D. Albertville

Below is the correct order. Use your mouse to highlight the letters.

C. Nagano
B. Liliehammer
D. Albertville
A. Innsbruck

Let's see who got them right, and who did it the fastest:

Rob Gelbman $1000
Ruth Dammel 4.45
Frank Kulbaski WRONG
Lezsek Pawlowicz WRONG
Susan Butler WRONG
Andy Aaron 8.10
Scott Brill WRONG
Walter Kirkpatrick WRONG
Doug Van Gundy4.33
Doak Fairey 8.77

Doug Van Gundy wins the race!

Doug is a writer a fiddle instructor.

For $100:
1. What mode of transportation was once nicknamed the "Iron Horse"?

A. MotorcycleB. Locomotive
C. Mechanized PlowD. Automobile

Yes, he knows it's the first question, but he sees two possibilities. So, he'll ask the audience.

A. Motorcycle - 8%B. Locomotive - 77%

C. Mechanized Plow - 8%D. Automobile - 7%

Doug figured it was B, but recalls a motorcycle magazine called "Iron Horse." Still, he'll go with the audience and say B...

Which is his final answer.

And he's right! $100.

LOOGAROO LAMENTS: This was the second badly researched question in an error-ridden episode. Later on, the results of the "Iron Horse" probe would be divulged; more on that later.

For $200:
2. Which of the following is not a comic book hero?

A. The Human TorchB. Green Lantern
C. SpidermanD. Underpants Man

The A answer might've thrown him off, but once he saw D, that's what he picked.

D is his final answer.

And he's doubled his money!

For $300:
3. Tony the Tiger is the trademarked character for what brand of breakfast cereal?

A. Apple JacksB. Frosted Flakes
C. Frosted Mini-WheatsD. Corn Flakes

Doug quickly answers B...

And that's his final answer.

Doug knows his cereals; he's right!

For $500:
4. Who founded Playboy magazine?

A. Hugh HefnerB. Bob Guccione
C. Larry FlyntD. Hugh Grant

Doug gets a kick out of the D answer. He chooses A...

Yes, that's his final answer.

Once again, he's correct!

For a guaranteed $1000:
5. In what state was former president Jimmy Carter born and raised?

A. GeorgiaB. Alabama
C. South CarolinaD. Tennessee

Doug is quick on the trigger again. He says it's A...

And confirms that's his final answer.

Doug's just guaranteed himself $1000!


Remember when Doug said there was once a magazine called "Iron Horse" that dealt with motorcycles? He was right. Even though he did eventually get the right answer, he needed to burn a Lifeline to get it. So, when Doug returns for the next show, his Ask the Audience Lifeline will be replaced. Thus, Doug will have all 3 available to him again.

For $2000:
6. What is another name for a human being's lower jawbone?

A. CraniumB. Ulna
C. MacsillaD. Mandible

Doug won't need a lifeline here. He'll pick D...

Which is his final answer.

Doug now has $2000!

For $4000:
7. What rock star was born Gordon Sumner?

A. Sting B. Flea
C. Donovan D. Marky Mark

Doug will go with A...

And that's his final answer.

It's right! He's up to $4000!

For $8000:
8. Which of the following is the nearest translation to the French fashion term "pret-a-porter"?

A. Height of FashionB. Out of Fashion
C. Ready to Wear D. Easy to Wash

Citing a Robert Altman film called "Pret-a-Porter," he guesses C...

Reege: "You know what I love about you? The little preamble to the answer!"

Yes, that's his final answer.

And Doug keeps rolling along!!

For $16,000:
9. What object is the man holding in the famous painting "American Gothic"?

A. AxeB. Pitchfork
C. SaddleD. Scythe

Doug wastes no time in picking B...

Which is his final answer.

And Doug is right again!!

For a guaranteed $32,000:
10. What is the name of the coffee shop in the television series "Friends"?

A. Christine's LatteB. Java Man
C. Perk SquareD. Central Perk

Doug picks D...

Doug: "I never thought that watching TV would be worth 32,000 bucks to me."
Reege: "Doug, we're all tense, you know? We usually get the preamble BEFORE you decide."

Doug confirms that D is his final answer.

Regis takes a long pause...

And declares that Doug has just won $32,000!!

LOOGAROO LAMENTS: Up until now, those who had reached the $32,000 question had either chickened out, been snagged, or needed at least one Lifeline to get that far. Doug still has all three. At this point, I knew this guy was for real.

For $64,000:
11. Which American poet wrote "The Road Not Taken"?

A. Robert FrostB. Ezra Pound
C. T. S. EliotD. Carl Sandburg

Doug begins to quote the last lines of the poem: "Two paths in a yellow wood, and I chose the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." He picks A...

Doug: "Two paths diverged in a yellow wood, that's it."
Reege: "All RIGHT!!"

Doug says A is his final answer.

Reege takes a long pause...

Reege: "Oh boy."
Doug: "Don't do this to me, Regis."

Reege: "That graduate work paid off! It's Robert Frost!!

For $125,000, or ONE EIGHTH of a MILLION DOLLARS:
12. On November 22, 1963, where was Lee Harvey Oswald arrested?

A. Department StoreB. Movie Theater
C. Book DepositoryD. Drugstore

Doug knows the shot was taken at the Texas School Book Depository, and then he thinks Lee went to see a movie. FINALLY, he burns a Lifeline and asks the audience.

A. Department Store - 2%B. Movie Theater - 85%

C. Book Depository - 8%D. Drugstore - 5%

Doug ponders his situation. Reege reminds him that he can walk away with the $64K if he wants.

But he thought it was Movie Theater, and his Lifeline certainly supports him. He'll go for it and guess B...

And that's his final answer.

Another long pause from Regis.

Doug can't take it anymore - he begins laughing uncontrollably.

Regis: "Is security around here?

After 12 questions, he has a chance to make history in two ways. First, he could be only the second player in worldwide WWTBAM? history to successfully answer 13 questions. Second, he could tie for the most money ever won on prime-time television. Will he go for it? Will he pull it off? We'll find out as he takes the next step:

For $250,000, or ONE QUARTER of a MILLION DOLLARS:
13. Since 1973, the annual Iditarod dogsled race has started in Anchorage and ended where?

A. JuneauB. Nome
C. BarrowD. Fairbanks

As the answers came up, Doug thought two possibilities. Unfortunately, both came up. Not wanting to jinx himself, he keeps them secret as he asks for the 50:50.

OUTB. Nome

OUTD. Fairbanks

Doug: "See how that didn't help me?"

He's got one more Lifeline, so he might as well use it. He decides to call his friend Russ, a dog owner who follows these things, according to Doug. The Transcript:

    Doug: "Is it either Nome, or Fairbanks?"
    Russ: "Nome."
    Doug: "Are you certain?"
    Russ: "Positive."
    Doug: "Absolutely certain?"
    Russ: "Absolu- Absolutely positive."
    Doug: "Uh, OK, this is really important..." (You think?)
    Russ: "Watch it on sattelite."
    Doug: "What's that?"
    Russ: "Watch it on sattelite."
    Doug: "All right. I know I'm gonna have to pay for this later. OK, Thanks Russ."

Looks like Russ did for Doug what Eileen did for Rob. Doug picks B.

Reege: "Final answer?"
Doug: "I've got no other."

Reege: "It's a big one, isn't it?"
Doug: "Huge."
Reege: "You could lose $93,000."
Doug: "Easy come, easy go."

Reege: "But you DON'T!

AND WE AREN'T DONE!! Doug has already made history, being the second player ever to scale 13 rungs of the money ladder in the worldwide history of the show, and tie for the most money ever won on prime time. One more question, and he's in a league all his own. TWO more questions, and he's got a seven-digit check to endorse. However, he's exhausted all his Lifelines at this point, and one false step would cost him $218,000.

For $500,000, or HALF A MILLION DOLLARS:
14. Which English king does William Shakespeare refer to as "Bolingbroke"?

A. Richard IIIB. Henry IV
C. Henry VD. Henry VIII

Doug has been in a couple Shakespearean plays...

But none of them were histories. So, he will do what about 99.999% of the audience would do given these circumstances: Take the money and run. Doug Van Gundy bows out with a bounty of $250,000.

Doug: "Give somebody else a chance!!"

The correct answer was B. Henry IV.

LOOGAROO LAMENTS: There's a reason why I didn't butt in with many comments during this game. Doug did everything perfectly. Not a wrong move was made. He conserved his Lifelines for just the right time, and in the end it wound up bumping him up the prize ladder several levels. However, I have a feeling that Doug was the show's best chance at winning the million. None of the other contestants before or since have had the broad range of knowledge and impeccable strategy that Doug had. Ladies and Gentlemen, bow down to the king.

WINNINGS TO DATE: $332,000, at least.

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