Contestant #12

Week #2 begins with 10 new players jockeying for a spot in the hot seat. Here's the question that will get one of those 10 people in the spotlight:

QQ12. Put these toys in the order they were first introduced, from the earliest to the most recent.
A. Barbie B. G. I. Joe
C. Cabbage Patch Kids D. Raggedy Ann

Below is the correct order. Use your mouse to highlight the letters.

D. Raggedy Ann
A. Barbie
B. G. I. Joe
C. Cabbage Patch Kids

Let's see who got them right, and who did it the fastest:

Joanne Roberts 6.54
Brendan Walsh WRONG
Ken Schwartz WRONG
Michael Serbanos WRONG
Ginny Horvath4.32
Frank Naclerio WRONG
Steve Rogitz 6.21
Michael Shutterly WRONG
Jason Gershman11.63
Laura Edge6.32

Ginny Horvath wins the race!

Ginny is now a financial planner, but was once a psychologist working in a hospital for the criminally insane. In fact, that's how she met her husband - he was the only one in the building who kept his pants on.

For $100:
1. According to the nursery rhyme, where did Jack and Jill go to fetch a pail of water?

A. Down the laneB. Up the hill
C. Around the cornerD. Sparkletts

Ginny picks B...

And that's her final answer.

Jack and Jill went up the hill; she's right!

For $200:
2. In broadcasting, the initials CNN stand for what network?

A. Channel of No NewsB. Cable News Network
C. Christian Network NewsD. Careful; Naughty News

Ginny goes with B...

Which is her final answer.

Ted Turner would be proud; she's right again!

For $300:
3. Which of the following is NOT an original signer of the Declaration of Independence?

A. Benjamin FranklinB. Thomas Jefferson
C. John HancockD. Strom Thurmond

Ginny: "He was there, but he didn't sign!"

Ginny selects D...

Yes, that's her final answer.

And Ginny is on a roll!

For $500:
4. Which of the following is NOT a New England state?

A. VermontB. Connecticut
C. MassachusettsD. Utah

Yet another obvious choice. Ginny chooses D...

And confirms that's her final answer.

Four in a row! $500.

For a guaranteed $1000:
5. Who wrote "Roots: The Saga of an American Family"?

A. Langston HughesB. Maya Angelou
C. Alex HaleyD. Steven Wright

Ginny quickly picks C...

And that's her final answer.

Ginny is now at the $1,000 lock-in point!

For $2000:
6. Which of the following people received the Republican presidential nomination in 1996?

A. Bob DoleB. George Bush
C. Ross PerotD. New Gingrich

Ginny is drawing a blank...

But wait - after a few seconds, it comes to her. She picks A..

And that's her final answer.

Good thing she remembered - she's right!

LOOGAROO LAMENTS: Like a couple people before her, Ginny did the right thing. Instead of immediately burning off a Lifeline, she think for a few seconds and came up with the answer on her own.

Ginny explains why that question gave her trouble: "I just never looked at that side of the voting booth!" That's met with some laughter and applause from the audience. While I usually root for whoever's in the chair, at this point I'm hoping she gets snagged. Soon. Liberals I can tolerate, ignorant liberals I can't.

For $4000:
7. What American artist said, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes"?

A. Peter MaxB. Andy Warhol
C. Jackson PollockD. Norman Rockwell

Ginny remarks that she's got 13 minutes of her fame left - she says it's B...

And before Regis has a chance to ask, she declares that's her final answer.

There's a reason why she was so quick - she's right!

For $8000:
8. Which of these cooking items is most often used as a thickening agent?

A. Corn SyrupB. Baking Soda
C. CornstarchD. Baking Powder

Ginny thought cellulite would be a choice - but since it isn't, she'll go with C...

Which is her final answer.

And she's right for $8000!

For $16,000:
9. Which original member of the Spice Girls is now a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations?

A. GingerB. Baby
C. PoshD. Sporty

Ginny was waiting for Madeleine Albright to show up. Thus, she'll Ask the Audience.

A. Ginger - 80%B. Baby - 8%

C. Posh - 7%D. Sporty - 5%

Ginny is glad that the vast majority picked A... She picks Ginger...

Yes, that's her final answer.

And the audience once again pulls through! $16,000!

LOOGAROO LAMENTS: I didn't need the Lifeline here.

For a guaranteed $32,000:
10. Who scored the winning penalty kick for the US during the 1999 Women's World Cup Soccer Final?

A. Mia HammB. Brandi Chastain
C. Christine LillyD. Kimberly Akers

The writers have found Ginny's weak spot, and that's sports. She has no choice but to phone her son Douglas. The transcript, after the question and choices are read:

    Douglas: "Brandi Chastain!"
    Ginny: "Thank you, sweetie!"
    Douglas: "I'm pretty sure of it."
    Ginny: "Um... "
    Douglas: "I'm almost positive."
    Ginny: "Leave out the adjective or the adverb or whatever."
    Douglas: "OK. Almost positive."
    Ginny: "Thank you, Doug."
    Douglas: "OK." (Hang up with 4 seconds left)

Yet another definitive response from the phone-a-friend Lifeline. Ginny will pick B...

And, nodding numbly, she says that's her final answer.

Doug was quick to say Chastain...

And he was right!!

For $64,000:
11. In Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," what is Juliet's family name?

A. CapuletB. Montague
C. LaurenceD. Tybalt

Ginny has her 50:50, but she already has it narrowed down to A or B. Figuring Shakespeare wouldn' make Juliet's first and last names rhyme, she'll go with B...

Which is her final answer.

And from 9th grade English...

We all learned that Juliet's last name was...

A. Capulet. Romeo was the Montague.
So, Ginny Horvath leaves with $32,000

WINNINGS TO DATE: $493,000, at least.

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