Steve Fayne

Steve works in a casino, so these big-money gambles should be right up his alley. This question was the one that put him in the chair:

Put the following states in alphabetical order, according to their 2-letter postal abbreviation.
A. MontanaB. Massachusetts
C. MaineD. Maryland
Correct Order (drag the mouse over the letters): B-D-C-A
Steve's winning time: 3.72
Competitors: 2/7

Let's see if Steve can break the bank!

For $100:
1. What is another common term for the bur that forms on a potato?

A. EarB. Eye
C. SnoutD. Tater Tot

Steve decides on B...

He's on the board! $100.

For $200:
2. What medal do you get for third place in the Olympics?

A. SilverB. Gold
C. BronzeD. Tin

Steve selects C...

Which is right for $200!

END 2/20 SHOW -- BEGIN 2/22 SHOW

For $300:
3. If you are 'tickling the ivories', what instrument are you playing?

A. PianoB. Trombone
C. DrumsD. Cello
Steve goes with A...

It's a good answer; it's worth $300!

For $500:
4. According to the nursery rhyme, which child is 'full of grace'?

A. Monday'sB. Tuesday's
C. Thursday'sD. Saturday's

Steve thinks he has a handle on the answer, but just to make sure he'll toss it out to the Audience.

A. Monday's - 42%B. Tuesday's - 38%

C. Thursday's - 8%D. Saturday's - 16%

Ick. For such an early question, this is not a good spread.

Well, the plurality went with A, and that was Steve's first instinct, so he'll try A...

Which is his final answer.

And the audience's winning streak is snapped. The answer was B. Tuesday.
Steve Fayne llamas out of the game.

This is the first time the audience missed a question in the lower tier.

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