Al Metz

Al is an attorney, who reached the hot seat with this question:

QQ24. Put the following United Kingdom cities in order from the south to the north.
A. GlasgowB. Manchester
C. Aberdeen D. Oxford
Correct Order (drag the mouse over the letters): D-B-A-C
Al's winning time: 7.30
Competitors: 1/9

Let's see how far Al can go!

For $100:
1. Which of these is not found on a standard bicycle?

A. Air bagB. Spoke
C. HandlebarD. Chain

Al picks A...

Off to a good start! $100.

For $200:
2. What item of clothing did Cinderella leave behind at the ball?

A. PurseB. Glove
C. Glass slipperD. Driver's license

Al chooses C...

Which is right for $200!

For $300:
3. What body part is commonly referred to as the funny bone?

A. ElbowB. Shin
C. FootD. Head
Al selects A...

Correct! $300.

For $500:
4. According to the U.S.D.A. which of the following should you eat the least of?

A. VegetablesB. Breads and cereals
C. FruitsD. Fats, oils, and sweets
Mmm... my three favorite foods.... : )

Al goes with D...

And he's right! $500.

For a guaranteed $1000:
5. What world-famous Pennsylvanian critter pokes its head out of his hole each Groundhog Day?

A. Punxsutawney PhilB. Reading Rupert
C. Harrisburg HarryD. Scranton Sammie

Al chooses A...

It's right! Al Metz guarantees himself $1000!

For $2000:
6. Which of the following arcade games was introduced first?

A. PongB. Tetris
C. Pac ManD. Mortal Kombat

I'll try not to scream at the TV here.

Al says it's A...

Which is his final answer.

And he's got himself $2000!

For $4000:
7. Instead of going to school, where does the main character in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' spend his day?

A. Denver B. Ft. Lauderdale
C. Milwaukee D. Chicago

Al's gut feeling is D, and he's going to go for it. He picks D...

For his final answer.

His gut was right! $4000!

For $8000:
8. How often is the United States population census conducted?

A. Every five yearsB. Every ten years
C. Every fifteen yearsD. Every twenty years

Al chooses B...

That'll be his final answer.

And he's on fire! $8000!

For $16,000:
9. Which author created the popular children's character Harry Potter?

A. R. L. StineB. Beverly Cleary
C. J. K. RowlingD. Maurice Sendak

Al is not familiar with children's literature, so he'll give this one to the well-groomed audience.

A. R. L. Stine - 11%B. Beverly Cleary - 24%

C. J. K. Rowling - 58%D. Maurice Sendak - 7%

It's a bit of a spread, but the majority vote is enough to convince him. He'll say C...

As his final answer.

And the audience comes through yet again! $16,000!

For a guaranteed $32,000:
10. Which of these journalists was never a regular anchor on the television news program '60 Minutes'?

A. Steve KroftB. Dan Rather
C. Walter CronkiteD. Meredith Vieira

Al does not watch the show. Boy, he wishes he did now, because he's going to have to burn a lifeline and call his brother-in-law, Jordan. After the question and choices, we get this:

    Al: "Never a regular anchor on 60 Minutes."
    Jordan: "Never a regular anchor on 60 Minutes.... Al, to tell you the truth, I really don't know, but I would guess Walter Cronkite."
    Al: "Six seconds. Would you like to, uh... Any other thoughts? Meredith Vieira, Steve Kroft..."
    Jordan: "Meredith Vieira, Steve Kroft..." (Burp burp)

A lot of talking went on, but not much was said.

Al: "Here's my thinking."
Reege: "Let's hear it, Al."
Al: "...And feel free to help out."

Al eliminates B immediately. He thinks he recognizes Vieira from another network, but isn't sure. He also thinks that Cronkite was pretty well established by the time the show started. So either he helped the show achieve greatness, or was separate from it.

In other words, he's going to have to guess.

He's going to go with Jordan, and take C...

And that's his final answer.

$15,000 is a lot of money to risk on a guess.

He could've at least used the 50:50.

But he didn't use it.

'Cause he'll be saving it for later!
Al wins $32,000!!

For $64,000:
11. What is the official language of Brazil?

A. PortugueseB. French
C. SpanishD. English

Al's friend travels to Brazil every year, hence he knows it's A...

Which is his final answer.

It was a quick answer...

And the right answer!

For $125,000, or ONE EIGHTH of a MILLION DOLLARS:
12. In November 1999, who was named People magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive'?

A. Matt DamonB. Brad Pitt
C. Denzel WashingtonD. Richard Gere

Al thinks he remembers Richard Gere being given this title. So he'll choose D...

For his final answer.

He went on his hunch this time...

Hoping it will pay off...

And it did!!

In this one show, we've given away half a million dollars. Al can add to this amount by getting the next question right, with probably the best Lifeline to have at this point. Let's take the next step:

For $250,000, or ONE QUARTER of a MILLION DOLLARS:
13. What is the collective name for a group of leopards?

A. SpotB. Tribe
C. LeapD. Troop

Al's got another one of his famous hunches, but he's going to burn his 50:50 first.

OUTB. Tribe

C. LeapOUT

His hunch isn't there anymore. This could get interesting.

Neither B nor C sounds like the right answer. So, Al's going to pass.
Al Metz resigns at $125,000.

Al's guess of C...

Was worth a quarter of a mill. C. Leap was the answer.

LOOGAROO LAMENTS: Again, the right answer to a different question is most likely the wrong answer to the question you're being asked. If Al could've remembered what animal a tribe referred to, we could've had a quarter-millionaire here. What is a Tribe? Don't ask me; I thought you knew. : )

WINNINGS TO DATE: $1,644,000

Time to find another contestant...

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