Contestant #18

Jeff Gardner had a lot of guts, but not enough answers. Thus, we have enough time to find another contestant on this show.

QQ18. Put the following musical innovations in the order of their invention, from the earliest to the most recent.
A. Electric Guitar B. Player Piano
C. CD Player D. Piano

Below is the correct order. Use your mouse to highlight the letters.

D. Piano
B. Player Piano
A. Electric Guitar
C. CD Player

Let's see who got them right, and who did it the fastest:

Bill Rushton 7.43
Jeff Gardner $1000
Andrew Klos WRONG
Joe Shipman WRONG
Keith AstutoWRONG
Ives Doming WRONG
Jim Billac WRONG
Bill Dickenson WRONG
Samatha PirkowskiWRONG
Doug Foster3.89
Doug Foster is our next contestant!

Doug is a youth minister, ordained 3 years ago. With the money he wins on the show, he wants to ease the financial burden that will come when he and his wife adopt a child.

For $100:
1. In most cities, what is the color of the top light on a standard vertical US traffic light?

A. Red B. Blue
C. YellowD. Green

Doug mentions that the top light is ALWAYS red. He picks A...

And that's his final answer.

He's right for $100!

For $200:
2. According to Aesop, what animal beat the speedy hare in a race?

A. SnakeB. Raccoon
C. TortoiseD. Sheep

Doug chooses C...

Which is his final answer.

And he's right again! $200.

END SHOW 12 -- BEGIN (Hour-long) SHOW 13 (Last show)

For $300:
3. Which of the following makes bread rise?

A. SaltB. Yeast
C. OilD. Magic

Doug picks B...

Yes, that's his final answer.

And he's doing fine! $300.

For $500:
4. During what month is Major League Baseball's World Series curently held?

A. AugustB. November
C. OctoberD. January

Citing that Reggie Jackson is known as "Mr. October," Doug selects C...

And that's his final answer.

Four in a row! $500.

For a guaranteed $1000:
5. In what country is Volkswagen headquartered?

A. SwitzerlandB. Germany
C. AustriaD. Sweden

Doug goes with B...

And confirms that's his final answer.

And he can't walk out of there with less than $1000!

For $2000:
6. Former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura is the governor of what state?

A. MissouriB. Michigan
C. MinnesotaD. Indiana

Doug chooses C...

Which is his final answer.

He's right again for $2000!

For $4000:
7. Which of the following composers was the subject of the Oscar-winning film "Amadeus?"

A. Beethoven B. Bach
C. MozartD. Liszt

Doug is now grateful he took that music history class in college. He picks C...

Doug: (emphatically) "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart."
Reege: "....oh, you mean THAT Mozart!"

C is his final answer.

His music history teacher would be proud; he's right!

For $8000:
8. Which of the following is NOT a regualr character on the animated TV series "South Park"?

A. CartmanB. Chef
C. Kenny D. Napoleon

As one might assume from his occupation, Doug isn't exactly a big fan of "South Park." But he has heard the kids talk about the show enough to know the answer. Doug goes with D...

And that's his final answer.

Oh my God, he's won $8000!

For $16,000:
9. The Oklahoma City federal building that was the site of the 1995 terrorist bombing was named for whom?

A. Michael J. WiltonB. Alfred P. Murrah
C. John M. FergusonD. Thomas R. Farrow

Doug has some friends who live in Oklahoma City.

Doug: "Matt and Shannon, this one's for you..."

He picks B...

Which is his final answer.

And Doug keeps rolling along! $16,000!

For a guaranteed $32,000:
10. What is the only current US coin with a president's profile facing to the right?

A. Half DollarB. Quarter
C. NickelD. Penny

Doug stares at the question in thought. Then, he asks a question which quells what might have been another controversy:

Doug: "Is that facing to the right as I look at the coin, or facing to the president's right as if he were looking at me?"
Reege: "As you're looking at the president. He's looking this way (turns right) to your right."

Doug has a feeling he knows the answer, but he doesn't seem sure enough to go out on the limb.

"How nervous does my wife look right about now?"

Doug is going to Ask the Audience.

A. Half Dollar - 18%B. Quarter - 17%

C. Nickel - 10%D. Penny - 55%

The Audience favors Penny, but for the first time in the two weeks, every choice has gotten at least 10% of the vote. Even worse, Penny wasn't Doug's first instinct. So, he's going to call his friend Jim. Here's the transcript:

    Jim: "I think it's the Nickel, Doug."
    Doug: "OK."
    Jim: "You said looking to the right, correct?"
    Doug: "Yeah. I'm looking at the coin, and he's facing to the right. He is facing to my right."
    Jim: "Uh, that's the Nickel, Doug."
    Doug: "OK."(Time's Up)

Now Doug is in real trouble. The Audience said Penny. His friend said Nickel. And all this time, he thought it was the Quarter.

Reege: "Mozart sounds pretty easy now, doesn't it?"
Doug: "Oh yeah!"

Doug decides to use his last remaining Lifeline - the 50:50.

A. Half DollarOUT

OUTD. Penny
You'd think that this would cement it for him - but Doug still has his doubts.

But he's going to bite the bullet and pick D...

Which is his final answer.

Doug's friend thought it was the Nickel.

The Audience said the Penny.

Up to this point, the Audience had only missed once.

And they got this one right!!
Doug wins $32,000!!

For $64,000:
11. Which of thesee celebrities was born in Puerto Rico?

A. Ricky MartinB. Jennifer Lopez
C. Jimmy SmitsD. Cameron Diaz

Regis reminds Doug that this question is a freebie - he could miss this and he wouldn't lose anything.

It's a good thing too, because Doug doesn't know the answer. He will take a guess though.

Not playing favorites, Doug decides on Cameron Diaz.

Reege: "Cameron Diaz born in Puerto Rico..."
Doug: "She might as well be. And if not, she should've been."
(Audience laughs)

D is his final answer.

Doug had nothing to lose...

So it wouldn't hurt that much to find that...

A. Ricky Martin was the right answer.
Doug Foster will have $32,000 to help him in that adoption.

WINNINGS TO DATE: $1,308,000, at least.

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