Jim Meyer

Jim kicks off the January run. He's a college student, who got into the hot seat with this question:

Put the following characters from the TV series 'Cheers' in the order they were introduced, starting with the first.
A. "Woody" Boyd B. Rebecca Howe
C. Dr. Frasier CraneD. Sam Malone
Correct Order (drag the mouse over the letters): D-C-A-B
Jim's winning time: 4.28
Competitors: 4/10

The first contestant of each of the last two series each wound up walking off with a thousand dollars. Let's see if Jim can start this run off a little better!

For $100:
1. According to the nursery rhyme, what was Little Miss Muffet eating?

A. Christmas pieB. A little lamb
C. YogurtD. Curds and whey

Jim takes D...

And he declares it his final answer.

And we're off and running! $100.

For $200:
2. When starting a race, what phrase traditionally comes between 'on your mark' and 'go'?

A. Brace yourselfB. Start praying
C. Get setD. Giddy-up

Jim picks C...

For his final answer.

Right again! $200.

For $300:
3. What traditional Thanksgiving dish is also the name of a country?

A. RobinB. Turkey
C. ChickenD. Finch

Hey, the writers have been cold for two months, what do you expect?

Jim chooses B...

Which is his final answer.

Nailed it! $300.

For $500:
4. At the end of the 1933 movie 'King Kong', from what famous landmark does the giant ape fall?

A. Empire State BuildingB. Leaning Tower of Pisa
C. Eiffel TowerD. Washington Monument

Jim goes with A...

And confirms it.

Bingo! $500.

For a guaranteed $1000:
5. How many goals must a hockey player score in one game to get a hat trick?

A. 2B. 3
C. 5D. 6

Jim selects B...

As his final answer.

And Jim has locked in the grand!

For $2000:
6. The period known as the 'Red Scare' referred directly to Americans' fear of what group?

A. CommunistsB. Abolitionists
C. CapitalistsD. Existentialists

Jim swiftly decides on A...

Yes, that's his final answer.

And it's the right answer for two thousand!

For $4000:
7. In which desert would you find the Great Sphinx?

A. Kalahari B. Mojave
C. Gobi D. Sahara

Jim thinks he knows it, but to be sure he'll take his 50:50.


C. GobiD. Sahara

Jim knows what country the Sphinx is located, but can't finger the Gobi. Still, he's almost positive it's D, so he'll go with it...

And that'll be his final answer.

Worry not, he's won $4000!

For $8000:
8. Which of the following is the home for the legendary Kublai Khan?

A. ValhallaB. Shangri-La
C. Xanadu D. Atlantis

Jim is thanking his English Romanticism professor for supplying him with the info he's about to spew. He says it's C...

And he'll make it final.

Absolutely correct! $8000!

For $16,000:
9. Which of the following women wrote about her experiences as a Playboy Bunny?

A. Betty FriedanB. Gloria Steinem
C. Candace BergenD. Margaret Cho

Jim does his David Honea impression: "Wow....... wow."

He's pretty sure it isn't D, but he'll ask the audience to decide between the other three. (And no, I'm not hyphenating them anymore.)

A. Betty Friedan - 15%B. Gloria Steinem - 56%

C. Candace Bergen - 18%D. Margaret Cho - 1%

He was going to guess B to start off (Yeah, sure). He figures Bergen was too prominent a figure during that time.

Well, he's biting the bullet and relying on the audience. He'll take B...

Lock it in.

The audience was 2:1, Steinem over Bergen.

The audience was quite accurate in November.

And they pick up right where they left off! Jim wins $16,000!

For a guaranteed $32,000:
10. Whose video was the first to be played on MTV?

A. The Rolling StonesB. The Buggles
C. R.E.M.D. Madonna

Jim smirks. He knows it. It's B.

And that's his final answer.

Remember the Weirdo Rule?

That's the rule where the most blatantly wrong answer from $32K on often turns out to be right.

Well, believe it or not...

And the Weirdo Rule is in effect!
Jim wins $32,000!!

For $64,000:
11. During times of peace, the Coast Guard operates under what government agency's jurisdiction?

A. U.S. NavyB. Merchant Marine
C. Department of TransportationD. Department of the Treasury

Reege reminds Jim of this question's freebie status.

Jim's first instinct is the U.S. Navy, but he'll try to confirm that with his Phone-a-Friend. He'll call Vicki, her high school rival's quiz bowl coach. (Don't ask me; I just transcribe it.) The transcript, minus the fluff, goes like this:

    Vicki: "Transportation or Treasury.... uh, times of peace... the Coast Guard?"
    Jim: "Yes."
    Vicki: "Operates under Navy..."
    Jim: "Navy, Merchant Marine, Transportation, or Treasury."
    Vicki: "Um..... Treasury."
    Jim: "Treasury??"
    Vicki: "Yeah."
    Jim: "Why?" (Burp burp)

Well, at least we got an answer out of her.

Jim is glad that this is the safe question, because he has no clue.

Reege reinterates that A was his first instinct.

But now Jim is starting to think A is too obvious to be right.

Plus he's starting to think that since there's two Departments listed, it might be one of them.

Transportation also seems conspicuous.

On that basis, he'll take Vicki's shaky advice and choose D...

That's his final answer.

Jim's original instinct was A.

Wouldn't it suck if it indeed were A?

Well, it's not.

But it isn't D, either. C. Department of Transportation is the correct answer.
Still, Jim Meyer goes home with $32,000, more than the last two pioneers.

The audience has never missed their first question of a series.

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