Welcome to Loogaroo Prodcutions. Here you'll find many of the gmae show ideas that I've come up with along the years, with graphics for some of the more promising ideas. Along with each idea are the shows Selling Points (what makes the game fun to play), Weaknesses (what problems might arise from the gameplay), Fruition Rating (a scale of 1 to 10 showing how complete the idea is, and how much still needs to be worked out) and Production Priority (the order in which I want to get these shows on the air). Each of the items below have been copyrighted through registered mail, so don't be getting any bright ideas of your own. If you'd like to make a comment on any of these proposals, feel free to send me an E-mail using the link on the left. Just remember to put the word "Loog" in the subject to avoid the spam filter.


These are the shows that I have the most faith in. If and when I get into the game show field, these will be the first shows I pitch.

STRIKEOUT! - Four players square off in a fight to the finish, with the winner being the last one standing. Now with slightly different gameplay and a big-money format.

BURIED TREASURE - Formerly known as Magic Windows. It's a race against the clock as our players try to uncover a buried treasure worth $25,000.

LUCK OF THE DRAW - A fast-paced game of strategy and luck, where the right card at the right time could win you $25,000 in cash.


These shows are also notable, although I wouldn't use them to forge a reputation.

TABOO - Based on the Milton Bradley board game, two teams of three learn that some things are best left unsaid.

KING OF THE HILL - It's good to be King. Especially when it means you can win up to $80,000.

SPELLBINDERS - The more letters you add, the more money that's at stake. But finish a word and you'll be Spellbound!

DOUBLE UP - Remember Haffendubble? Well, it's got a brand new name. Three players compete in a general knowledge quiz where the money keeps doubling.

SUPER SCRATCHERS - Hey, I've even got a lottery show now! Mini-games galore and a chance at $1 Million await.


These ideas are still in the conceptual phase, and will need some work to be salable.

DOMINATION - When four members of the Empire face four indivual Rebels, anything can happen on the way to a gigantic cash prize.

PANIC BUTTON - Eight teams of kids have to predict the answers to survey questions, second guessing themselves in the process.

UP TO SCALE - On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate things from the last movie you saw in a theater to the mileage on your car?

SPLIT DECISION - Two contestants try to be the first to unscramble the words in front of them for $5000 in cash.


With infinite resources, here's how I would bring shows like The Big Showdown, Pitfall and Knightmare back to life.

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