The Game Show Tournament - Rules

These were the rules in use during the 2001 Tournament.

The Nomination Process

To start off, everyone is invited to send a list of their 20 favorite shows, ranked in order. The higher a show ranks on your list, the more points it will be given. Points are doled out as follows:

#120 pts.
#218 pts.
#316 pts.
#414 pts.
#512 pts.
#610 pts.
#79 pts.
#88 pts.
#97 pts.
#105 pts.
#11 - #153 pts. each
#16 - #201 pt. each

Other notes on the nomination methodology:

The 60 shows that score the highest will be included in the brackets with the four automatic qualifiers as participants in the tournament. Ties will be broken according to the number of ballots on which a show is found, show lifespan, and total score without bonuses.

The Tournament

In the tournament, a total of 64 matches are held. In each match, judges are to send me their votes as to which show of the two is better. The show that receives the majority will advance to the next round, and the losers are eliminated (except in the case of the Final Four, whose losers take part in a 3rd place consolation match).

For each match, a specific number of judges are selected to place official votes. During the first three rounds (Rounds of 64, 32, and 16), three judges are selected, and 2 votes are needed to win. The Elite 8 matches will each have five judges; three votes will win there. Final Four and consolation matches will be a best of 9 vote, and the Championship match will have 15 judges, 8 votes winning the match.

Judges are to abstain from a match which contains one or two shows that the player has not seen, or is otherwise unfamiliar with.

Voter Eligibility - "The Jeremy Soria Rule"

From the nomination round to the Elite 8, matches and results will be posted on numerous commonly-visited discussion forums: A.T.G-S, GS-L, etc., and voting will be open to anyone who comes across these messages. When you submit a vote in two stages of the tournament, you will be added to a mailing list. From the Final Four on, only results will be posted publicly; matches will be submitted on only that mailing list. In other words, you must have participated at least twice from nomination to Elite 8 in order to be able to vote in the Final Four, Consolation and Championship.

Also, when your vote is counted in a particular match, you must wait for all other judges to get a vote. At that point, the judge roster is reset and your vote is available again.

Championship Implication - The Price is Right

Since The Price is Right has won the last two tournaments, it should be known that any show that wins three consecutive years will be retired and graduate into the GST Hall of Fame.

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