Lawrence Caplan

Lawrence is the fifth person we've had to have been in the fastest finger circle before. In fact, he was there for the first episode. This was his winning question:

Put these men in order of when they became leaders of their nations, starting with the earliest.
A. Fidel Castro B. Franklin Roosevelt
C. Emperor Hirohito D. Mao Tse-tung
Correct Order (drag the mouse over the letters): C-B-D-A
Lawrence's winning time: 5.04
Competitors: 3/8

Let's see Lawrence quest for the million!

For $100:
1. According to the popular American legend, what does the 'Tooth Fairy' trade for a tooth?

A. Dental flossB. Money
C. Fairy wingsD. Dentures

Lawrence chooses B...

Good start! $100.

For $200:
2. In music, what does 'R&B' stand for?

A. Run and buntB. Rocking and bopping
C. Ragtime and boogieD. Rhythm and blues

Lawrence says it's D...

It sure is! $200.

For $300:
3. In a classic Life cereal ad, what boy 'likes' the breakfast product?

A. MarvinB. Mikey
C. TimmyD. Tommy

Lawrence: "'Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything.'"

Lawrence's choice is B...

Got it! $300.

For $500:
4. What U.S. city's name is Greek for 'City of Brotherly Love'?

A. DetroitB. Des Moines
C. PhiladelphiaD. Indianapolis

Although their football fans don't show it, Lawrence knows it's C...

You bet! $500.

For a guaranteed $1000:
5. In the 1969 movie 'The Love Bug', what kind of car was Herbie?

A. AudiB. Jaguar
C. SaabD. Volkswagen

Remembering it was Herbie the Beetle, Lawrence settles on D...

And it wins him $1000!

For $2000:
6. When you combine the colors yellow and blue, what color do you get?

A. RedB. Purple
C. GreenD. Black

Lawrence is 99.9% sure, but just to be safe, he'll offer this one up to the audience.

A. Red - 1%B. Purple - 6%

C. Green - 87%D. Black - 6%

Riot gear, anyone?

That showing convinces Lawrence to take C...

As his final answer.

Audience, we love ya! $2000!

END 1/14 SHOW -- BEGIN 1/15 SHOW

At the start of the show, Lawrence reads his horoscope for the day. Simply put, it stated to not always go with his instincts, and to take his time with business decisions. Spooky, huh?

For $4000:
7. The Great Barrier Reef is located off the northeastern coast of what?

A. Australia B. Brazil
C. Fiji D. Hawaii

Lawrence mentions that if he wins a lot of money, he'll going there. He says it's A...

Yes, that's his final answer.

And he got it! $4000!

For $8000:
8. Which of these is the term for an exploding star?

A. AuroraB. Supernova
C. NebulaD. Quasar

He knows it isn't A or D.

He thinks it's B, but isn't ready to go for it yet.

Lawrence harkens back to his college astronomy class, and that helps convince him it's B.

And after thinking for a little while, he says it's his final answer.

It ain't A.

It ain't D.

And it ain't C, either! He's right!

For $16,000:
9. What actor filed a highly-publicized complaint with NYC's Taxi and Limousine Commission alleging racism?

A. Chris RockB. Danny Glover
C. Morgan FreemanD. Denzel Washington

Lawrence tries to make a habit of reading the morning papers. So he knows it's B...

Which is his final answer.

No problem here; he's just won $16,000!

For a guaranteed $32,000:
10. Who was the first US president born in a hospital?

A. Jimmy CarterB. Theodore Roosevelt
C. Woodrow WilsonD. Chester A. Arthur

Lawrence is pretty sure he knows this one. Goodness knows how he'd come across this fact.

Reege reminds Lawrence of his two remaining Lifelines.

Lawrence: "It's a brutal game, Regis."

Wanting to secure the $32,000, Lawrence will use his 50:50.

A. Jimmy CarterOUT

C. Woodrow WilsonOUT

That does it for him. He immediately says A...

As his final answer.

It may be a brutal game...

But Lawrence has just won $32,000!!

For $64,000:
11. Who portrayed Jodie Dallas, the first openly gay character on television?

A. Tom HanksB. Robin Williams
C. Billy CrystalD. Steve Crystal

Lawrence: "You took your sweet time getting to a TV question here."

Lawrence goes with C...

And locks it in.

They finally gave him a TV question...

And he nailed it!

For $125,000, or ONE EIGHTH of a MILLION DOLLARS:
12. What was the first United States sattelite launched into space?

A. SkylabB. Explorer
C. VikingD. Voyager

He knows it isn't A; that was a space station.

It isn't D either; that was one of the Mars probes.

And for some reason, he thinks C came after B.

He then goes into entymology. Explorer makes a good name for the first sattelite.

Reege proposes he use his last Lifeline.

But Lawrence keeps coming back to Explorer.

Lawrence: "Explorer. Final answer."

He didn't use the lifeline.

If only he'd used it...

it wouldn't have mattered - he's right anyway!

The first week of the permanent run has seen a lot of potential 13 Club members - this will make it the fifth time in one week we've seen the 13th question in the stack. With his Phone-a-Friend left, Lawrence has a shot at it.

For $250,000, or ONE QUARTER of a MILLION DOLLARS:
13. What famous dancer accidentally died when her scarf got tangled in the wheel of a car?

A. Isadora DuncanB. Patricia Neary
C. Anna PavlovaD. Maria Tallchief

Lawrence knows it. He has no idea why, but he does.

He knows two people died because of entanglement.

One of them was Jayne Mansfield, and the other was Isadora Duncan.

A is Lawrence's final answer.

He thought he knew it.

He was willing to put $93,000 on this fact.

And he DID know it!!
Lawrence is a QUARTER-MILLIONAIRE!!!!!!

Lawrence: "Where's the sports question?!"

Lawrence Caplan now stands only two questions away from the milion dollars. The last player to get this far, however, missed the next question, costing him $218,000. Lawrence stands to lose the same amount here if he's wrong. He does have one more Lifeline.

For $500,000, or HALF A MILLION DOLLARS:
14. What single has spent the most weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart?

A. MacarenaB. One Sweet Day
C. Candle in the WindD. I Will Always Love You

Lawrence: (giggles) "You have got to be kidding!"

First, Lawrence tries to discern who sang each song. Candle in the Wind was by Elton John, he doesn't know who did One Sweet Day, and figures Celine Dion sang I Will Always Love You.

Reege reminds Lawrence how much money is at stake.

Well, Lawrence is going to use his Phone-a-Friend, as soon as he decides which friend to phone.

He decides on Richard. After he reads the question and answers, here's the conversation we get:

    Richard: "W- what are the choices?"
    Lawrence: "Macarena, One Sweet Day, Candle in the Wind, or I Will Always Love You. Billboard Hot 100 chart. What single. #1. Most weeks. Quick, say something!"
    Richard: "I- I gues-" (Burp burp)

Sounds like Lawrence talked too long there.

He's sure A isn't right. But the others still are kinda nebulous.

Lawrence: "Would've been nice if Richard had at least given me answer, huh?"
Reege: "Would've been great for all of us!"

He seems to recall reading something about I Will Always Love You being on the charts for a long time.

Regis again reminds Lawrence that he'll lose $218,000 if he's wrong.

Lawrence: "I'm gonna decide here in the next minute."
Reege: "Good, 'cause I have a show Monday morning."

Lawrence begins to ponder stopping. $250,000 is a heck of a lot of money.

With that, he decides to walk away.

Reege: "Is that going to be your final decision, then?"

Lawrence: "Let's go for it."

This elicits cheers from the audience. Either because they admire his courage, or they're glad he's finally made a decision.

Lawrence selects D...

And THAT is his final answer.

Michael Shutterly, John Carpenter, and David Fite.

They've all reached the $500,000 level.

Mark McDermott.

He missed his $500,000 question.

And with Lawrence's answer of D...

Lawrence will be joining the ranks of...

Mr. McDermott. B. One Sweet Day was the right answer.
Lawrence Caplan tumbles back down to $32,000. P.S.: Whitney Houston, NOT Celine Dion, sang I Will Always Love You.
And how anyone as untalented as Mariah Carey could have the longest #1 hit is beyond me.

Caplan was a contestant on the 1990 quiz show "The Challengers," winning over $80,000 during his time on the show.

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