The Game Show Tournament

Welcome to Game Show Tournament headquarters! Every year, 64 shows battle for the honor of being given the title Game Show Tournament Champion. Each match is a single-elimination, popular-vote competition where one show goes on and the other goes home. In the end, only one show - the one who wins all of its matches - will be crowned champion.

The next GST will begin in January of 2002.

The 2001 Tournament has long since concluded, but the 2002 event is ready to go, with a couple rule changes to increase voter clout. The 2002 GST will be filled with questions: Will Pyramid repeat its championship run? Will The Price is Right reclaim the throne it held for the last two years? How will the inclusion of reality shows into the brackets affect the tournament? And of course, which heavy-hitter will Whew! take out this year?

Remember: all you gotta do is VOTE!!

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