Lifespan: September 1997 - September 1998
Host: Alan Thicke
Announcer: Beau Kline
Produced by: Kline & Friends Productions

Front Game Rules

Two contestants, each teamed up with two celebrities, compete. During the first round, each celebrity has 45 seconds to draw two phrases for their team, with both phrases sharing a word. (i.e., "Black-Eyed Peas" and "Black Beauty".) The team won $200 if they could successfully guess both phrases. Later during the season, the first round was tweaked so that the team earned $100 for each phrase correctly guessed in 45 seconds, with each phrase having the same word in common (i.e., "Bread Box", "Bread Winner", "Bread Crumbs", etc.) A celebrity tries to draw 'Gun Runner'
A contestant looks at the next puzzle During the second round, each team had 3 minutes to get as many phrases as possible. Team members rotated drawing duties with each phrase, with each phrase being connected by one word (i.e., "Ring AROUND the Collar", "AROUND the World in Eighty DAYS," "DAYS of our Lives," etc.). The team earned $100 for each phrase they got, while able to pass at any time. The team with the most money at the end of the round won the game and went on to the bonus round. If there was a tie, host Thicke drew a phrase for both teams; the first team to guess it won.

End Game Rules

One member from the winning team now had 90 seconds to draw as many words as possible, each word being related to the previous one (i.e., "Blue/Moon/Light/Beer/Belly/Button/Nose"). The first four words earned $100 each, the three words were each worth $300, and all words thereafter won $1000. The bonus round in progress


Take THAT, you so-called conservative!Pictionary probably holds the distinction for the most violent moment in game show history. During one episode, guests Erik Estrada and Bill Maher were paired up on one team. Estrada, who had been quite animated the whole week, celebrated a right answer by pumping his fists in the air. Unfortunately, Maher's nose happened to be in Estrada's fists' path. Maher was knocked unconscious, and Estrada hid behind the couch the rest of the round.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Not that bad of a game, but there was one fatal flaw that turned this thing from a worthwhile diversion to a gyp. Host Alan Thicke was apt to get a little carried away sometimes, giving teams a little more help than they should have gotten. Most notably was a time when the puzzle was "NYPD Blue": The team got "New York", but struggled for the rest of the phrase. Thicke jumped in with the initials, and the team got it because of that. They wound up winning by one point with seconds left. That incident alone costs this show some serious points in the Host and Execution scores.


Gameplay: 2 pts.
Host: 1 pt.
Presentation: 2 pts.
Execution: 0 pts.
Total Score: 5 pts.

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