My Game Show Tape Collection - New items

These are the new additions to my collection. They can also be found on my main trading pages.

9/12/00 - Time to unload a whole boatload of tapes on you guys. First, the major stuff:

Who Wants to be a Millionare?

I've now plugged up all the wholes in my collection, at least those I had previously advertised. Unfortunately, I have missed a few important episodes recently. These are the ones I'm looking for:
7/20: Starts with Jim Lairmore (who wins $250K), ends with Beth Woods.
8/2: Starts with Daniel Brekke, ends with David Maclaine.
8/15: Phil Gibbons wins $500K.
8/17: Nick Meyer misses his $500K question.
I have all other episodes, including Kim Hunt's $1M win, David Goodman's $1M win, and Kati Knudsen's $500K disaster.

Here are the other episodes I've recently acquired:

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